Рorto Timoni

Portо Τimοni is the nаme of a dоublе beach neаr Afiоnas villаgе, οn the west coast оf Cοrfu island. It is a sceniс plаcе and deservеs to be classified аs a sightsеeing, bоth naturаl and histοriсal becаusе in antiquity it was а harbor and hаd fоrtress built therе. The two bеaches fоrm twο bаys, one faсing thе resоrt οf Agios Geоrgiοs and thе other оne lοoking tоwаrd Mathraκi island. The turquoisе cоlοr of the sea соntrаsts tο thе high green hills surrounding it and its nоt sο еasy аccess makes it еven more spесial оnce уοu get thеre.

Arillas Corfu

Arillas resort is popular for families and couples looking for a small modest resort with the emphasis on beach relaxation with the occasional trip into the surrounding countryside.
The resort has a certain quiet and sheltered feel, this being the furthest north of the west coast Corfu destinations. The main road runs alongside the beach and the people are wonderful. There is no through road so very little traffic.

San Stefanos

San Stefanos lies along the winding coastal road between the villages of Arillas and Avliotes, about an hour’s drive north of Corfu Town. Despite being one of the most popular holiday spots in the Med, it’s still a friendly little fishing village at heart. Traditional whitewashed houses mingle with stylish hotels and holiday villas, sandwiched between a sandy, horseshoe-shaped bay on one side, and rolling olive hills on the other. And because the village sits right on the edge of Corfu’s north-west corner, it gets some of the best sunsets on the island.


Peroulades is not a resort but an ancient Greek village, wrapped in a time warp, however there is some accommodation available. A small village with tiny Greek houses, and as you leave the village and head for the famous sunset beach (Loggas Beach) you catch glimpses of the most stunning panoramic views on the island of Corfu. Peroulades is away from the noisy resorts, being at the most North Westerley part of the island, and there are many fantastic walks in the area.

Cape Drastis

The Cape ``Drastis`` is hidden within a beautiful wooded landscape in the North Block of Corfu and specifically in the traditional village of Peroulades. Access is relatively easy with any vehicle, even by foot for the more athletic types!
Once you get to Peroulades' main square just follow the signs! If you face any difficulty in finding it, the locals are always willing to help you! Just ask a local villager to guide you.

Kastelli Twin Beaches

Most of you definitely have not seen it; the diving lovers certainly know it better than everyone. Blue-green waters where when you get close to the coast they become pale blue and literally almost transparent with wonderful white sand. The reason for one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece, Kastelli! In a limestone-high Iakenus limestone environment where shale-limestone formations and alternations of tiles will amaze you as the mountain stands up to the sky making toys with the sediments and rocks!

Paleokastritsa Corfu

Pa-le-o-ka-str-it-sa (pronunciation: just let it roll off the tongue!) is set around three main bays. It is famous for being Corfu's most treasured beauty spot, and becomes busy with day trippers throughout the season. Luxury yachts sail in to admire the back drop of the beautiful green hills around Paleokastritsa, while coaches clog up the narrow roads leading into town! There are several different beaches and coves in the area of Paleokastritsa.

Liapades Beach

A beautiful beach with turquoise waters, surrounded by dense vegetation, Liapades beach is the first bay after Palaiokastritsa in the south and it maintains the same characteristics with the beaches of the cosmopolitan, touristy destination. It is filled with trees and it has got crystal clear but very cold waters. Liapades beach is also called Gefyra beach from the homonymous settlement where, it is located and you will find it at a distance of about 1,5 kilometers from the picturesque and lovely village of Liapades which in its old section preserves its Venetian architecture.

Rovinia Beach

Rovinia is one of the spectacular beaches of Palaiokastritsa bay located at about 2km of Liapades . Rovinia can be accessed by boat from Gefyra Beach (Liapades) or Palaiokastritsa. Another exciting alternative is by walking downhill through a narrow path with wonderful vegetation.
The beach is covered with smooth and shiny white pebbles and is surrounded by the gorgeous green mountains. On the left side of the beach there is a short hiking path over the hill that leads to Limni beach. While following this path you can also have a look from the top of an underwater cave.

Liniodoros Beach

Liniodoros is another beautiful paradise beach of Corfu, located at about 3.5 km far away from the Liapades village and can be accessed by car through the marvelous green olive groves or via a rental boat from Palaiokastritsa or Liapades main beach (Gefyra).
The beach of Liniodoros is covered with white pebbles and partially sand. The water is crystal blue, very clean and refreshing, which helps relaxing your body and muscles.

Paradise Beach

The beach of Paradise is one of the most beautiful in the whole island. It is a secluded beach in the northwestern shores of Corfu which can be reached only by sea. Large, steep, vertical, white cliffs stand over a narrow, pebbly beach with blue crystal waters. On the northern side of Paradise beach there is an underwater cave, one of the countless that exist along the coast of the region. Paradise is a virgin beach, it has no tourism infrastructure so you must be fully prepared and equipped before getting there.

Stelari Corfu

Stelari beach is an isolated beach with pebbles and very clean blue waters on the western coast of Corfu. A huge, white, vertical cliff rises above this heavenly beach which is relatively narrow. Make sure you have all the essentials as civilization and fuss refrain from this enchanting beach. From Stelari you can distinguish at a faraway distance the tiny islet Kolivri which is a popular fishing place for the locals.

Diapolo Corfu

Diapolo is one of the islets you will see in the open sea of the beach of the village Arillas in north-western Corfu. It is the old Gaidouronisi (island of donkeys) which perhaps the elderly still remember because it is the place where even donkeys lived. Today in Diapolo it is possible that you may see wild goats.
A small but, heavenly beach in the south-western part of Diapolo awaits you to enjoy a dip in the clean waters of the Adriatic Sea. In order to reach Diapolo, you must own a boat or rent one from Arillas beach – the distance is quite short.


Gravia, which is also called Kravia, depending on the local accent, is one of the islets situated north, among Corfu and the Diapontia Islands, more specifically, Mathraki. With the name Gravia, basically we refer to the big islet which we find between Arillas beach in northern Corfu and from where you can approach it by boat.
In Gravia there is a pebbly beach with clean waters for those who own a boat and can reach it or for those who would like to rent a boat from Arillas. Some wild goats live in Gravia, which will not come near you, so you have nothing to fear. Many people prefer a boat ride to Gravia in order to dive into its clean waters and to enjoy its unique deep, either for diving or for underwater exploration with a mask.

Othoni Island

Othoni Island is the largest of the Diapontia; a wonderful tourist destination, ideal for boat tours. Undiscovered beaches with turquoise waters, impressive formations and impressive sea caves and ship wrecks are the main characteristics of the Island. On the west side of the Island you will find the most famous beach of Aspri Ammos,(white sand) and Calypso’s Cave.

Mathraki Island

Mathraki is the smallest Island of the Diapontia. Its lush and the scattered settlements connected by trails will enchant you. The most famous beaches are the sandy beach of Fyki Bay, Kontrakas and Portello a long, sandy beach with shallow waters.

Ereikoussa Island

Ereikoussa Island is the most northern point of Greece. The Island’s most famous beach is Porto; impressive, endless sandy beach with crystal clear shallow waters. One of the most beautiful spots on the island is Pera Katergo where the view becomes wild with steep beaches and a stone cross that is a remnant of a naval accident.